Buildings on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Flamingo in a yard on Friendship Avenue in Bloomfield.

Irregular sheets at the Red, White, and Blue on Saw Mill Run Boulevard.

Yarn art on a telephone pole on Millvale Avenue in Bloomfield.

Gravestone in Allegheny Cemetery in Garfield.

Polish newspaper ad found in a scrapbook at the library on Fisk Street in Lawrenceville.

Statue at Nicky’s Thai Kitchen on Western Avenue on the North Shore.

Paper dolls at the Center for Creative Reuse in the East End.

Art on a building on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Church on Fifth Avenue in Oakland.

Mug that looks like a phone at a thrift store in Monongahela.

Rhinestone Steel flyer on Baum Boulevard in Oakland.

Graffiti on a dumpster cover in Oakland.

Art by Gabe Felice at Modern Formations art gallery on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Barn in McDonald.