Sign for lost earrings on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Emergency exit in the Liberty Tunnel.

Sign for the Pierogi Truck on Smithfield Street downtown.

Stained glass ceiling in the atrium of the Union Trust Building downtown.

Sign at a church on Smithfield Street downtown.

Art by Brian Gonnelly, seen at Modern Formations art gallery on a Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Stained glass in a storefront on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Old Chi-Chi’s sign at Parkway Center Mall in Greentree.

View from the Liberty Bridge.

"One-size-fits-almost" robot neck fittings at Assemble on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Plants at Noodlehead on Highland Avenue in Shadyside.

Sign for Pittonakatonk brass band.

Lamp on South Atlantic Avenue in Friendship.

Window washers on Grant Street downtown.

Pool at the YMCA on Fifth Avenue downtown.