Decoration in a bowl seen at ReStore in Edgewood.

Danish at a coffee shop on Braddock Avenue in Regent Square.

Inside of Pamela’s Diner on 21st Street in the Strip District.

Doorbell in an apartment building on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside.

Can art on a telephone pole on Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside.

Flowers on a tree on Harriet Street in a Friendship.

Plate at the Goodwill on Centre Avenue in East Liberty.

Planter in front of Verde on Penn Avenue in Garfield.

Mannequin and hat at the Red, White, and Blue on Saw Mill Run Boulevard.

Horrible Adorables by Jordan Elise at Wild Card on Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

Sign for the Shadyside Hideaway Bar on Highland Avenue.

Headstone in a cemetery in Imperial.

Phone pole art in Point Breeze.

House on 40th Street in Lawrenceville.

Library store at the Pittsburgh Mills in Tarentum.